Learn Guernsey’s language in a lunch break

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Adults wishing to learn Guernsey French now have another opportunity, thanks to a new Guernsey Language Commission initiative.

A new short course in the endangered language will take place every Thursday lunchtime from the end of this month, led by Yan Marquis. The course is supported by Guernsey Museum, where the weekly sessions will be held. Director Jason Monaghan said: ‘There are already evening classes available, but we hope this additional time will attract those who work in Town and are looking for something different to do in their lunch hour’.

The course formally begins in the New Year but the Commission are offering six sessions before Christmas at the exclusive half price of £12.50 (£10 for Discovery Pass holders). Spaces are limited to 12 people and the cost must be paid up front.

Deputy Darren Duquemin: ‘the course actually starts after Christmas so what we’re offering here is a ‘taster’ for those people who are thinking about doing the longer course in the New Year. No prior knowledge of the language is necessary; these sessions will be informal and fun’.

Guernsey French, or Guernésiais (pronounced JEHR-nez-yay) is a branch of the Norman language of Normandy. For most of its history, the language was passed on as a spoken tradition and it is believed that about 2% of the Island’s population still speak it.

The Guernsey Language Commission was formed in January 2013 under the direction of Deputy Darren Duquemin.
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