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Guernsey’s financial services businesses were told that they have nothing to fear from FATCA - yet, at a presentation given by EY’s Executive Director for Tax, Wendy Martin.

Guernsey bus passenger figures - March 2014

The Environment Department is pleased to report that bus usage figures for March 2014 are up by 7,498 passengers as compared with the same period in 2013.

Basse-Normandie and the Channel Islands sign cooperation agreement for Renewable Marine Energy

On the occasion of Thetis MRE, international convention of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE), presently held in Cherbourg - France, the representatives of West Normandy Marine Energy (WNME) and the Channel Islands Marine Renewable Energy Group

First Airbus A319 is registered with the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry - 2-REG

2-REG, The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry has made its most significant aircraft registration so far after signing an Airbus A319.
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