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Allfunds Bank’s worldwide asset under administration (AuA) have reached £100bn as the latest Channel Islands’ client, BWCI, is taken on board by Stephen Mohan’s new UK management team.

Nothing to fear as FATCA draws closer says EY

Guernsey’s financial services businesses were told that they have nothing to fear from FATCA - yet, at a presentation given by EY’s Executive Director for Tax, Wendy Martin.

Basse-Normandie and the Channel Islands sign cooperation agreement for Renewable Marine Energy

On the occasion of Thetis MRE, international convention of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE), presently held in Cherbourg - France, the representatives of West Normandy Marine Energy (WNME) and the Channel Islands Marine Renewable Energy Group

First Airbus A319 is registered with the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry - 2-REG

2-REG, The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry has made its most significant aircraft registration so far after signing an Airbus A319.
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